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As a devoted real estate professional I will make every effort to ensure your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, whether you are seriously interested in getting into the real estate market, or simply just looking, I can help you find the answers to your questions about homeownership or selling your home.

My goal is to assist you in finding that perfect home. Whether you want a big backyard or a 3-car garage, I will find you that special property. My experience will ensure that you are satisfied.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about buying or selling your home. I am here to help you through the process; whether it is just answering general market questions or finding the right financial options for you.

Contact me today to find out how I can help you out from under an old home and into a new one.

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  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Hilton Head Island, SC


I am so proud to be in business with Debbie Mazuras. Below is a letter I received from one of her clients. It is a long read, however if you are an agent looking to building a business worth owning, this is a prime example of what service you should strive to deliver! Debbie is a walking example of what KW culture is!

Dear Mr. Roman

I am writing to you regarding my experience with Debbie Mazuras.

As my elderly aunt's Power of Attorney, I was involved in the complete transition from her independent life style to a personal care facility of which, the sale of her home in Somerton, was just one of the enormous and freighting tasks my aunt had to face.

Having been a real estate agent in the eighties, I am familiar with the complexities and the enormity of real estate transactions and was therefore cautious and, I must admit, cynical, about choosing a competent and knowledgeable agent to handle the sale of my aunt’s property. I am blessed to have a trusted friend who, knew and respected Debbie, recommend Debbie for my agent.

Unknown to me at that time, I can now see that Debbie was truly a blessing from God. I am saying this because, unless someone has gone through the foreboding uncertainty of entering the unknown, as my aunt has done, most people can’t begin to understand how overwhelming difficult this end of life event can be. The sale of my aunt’s house was just one of the crucial elements that I needed to complete. Debbie did everything with profound understanding of the nuances of her business to the interaction with a demanding, neurotic and sometimes caustic client, me.

Debbie kept her focus on her job and completed every necessary element of getting the house listed and sold while keeping in constant contact with me and my aunt with personal visits, phone calls and emails. Debbie scheduled all constituent services from the professional photographer who took the pictures of the house to the home and mortgage inspectors promptly. She also scheduled all showings of the house by other brokers, again, while constantly keeping me abreast of the process.

It took a few weeks but, eventually I began to feel Debbie's strength as an agent and began to truly trust her. My trust in Debbie was well placed. When she came to list the house, said she would work hard and use all her resources to sell the house. I really wanted her to be telling me the truth back then but needed proof that these were not the words of a slick real estate agent just interested in securing the listing.

This all happened in the fall of 2014. I am writing to you in 2015 because enough time has passed to prove to me, without a doubt, that Debbie is an extraordinary agent. The proof of Debbie's excellence is that nothing undone from the sale of my aunt's house has surfaced. Debbie did exactly what I wanted her to do: to sell my aunt's house and bring to closure a clean, fair, thoughtful, solid deal between the buyers and my aunt.

She did it all as she said she would do; proof positive.

Claire S.


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